Vocational student publishes flash fiction in UK Magazine

Vocational student publishes flash fiction in UK Magazine

Anzenikha Zali, an 18-year-old student of early childhood education programme at Keningau Vocational College, was thrilled to find her original literary piece has been accepted for publication by the Writer’s Egg Magazine that is based in Bristol, United Kingdom. Her story entitled “Linangkit” was about a young fashion designer who decided to change his career path after the death of his beloved grandmother.  

Linangkit is a specific form of embroidery that is unique to the Dusun community in Sabah and this signature pattern can be seen across their clothing and tapestries. As a Dusun who was born and grew up in Ranau, Anzenikha felt that writing stories about the different aspects of her ethnic culture was essential to preserve, protect and promote the Dusun cultural heritage. She wrote this story in January 2021 and submitted it to the magazine which publishes an online collection of poetry, stories and artworks on monthly basis. She received an email containing a letter of acceptance for her work on 18 March. Her flash fiction will be published on April issue of the magazine and it can be purchased from Amazon and the website of the magazine. Her work can be accessed on this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F6sw1846GHVJNy8rXlcu7NOhHjMqC_Df/view?usp=sharing

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