Winning Prototype by Welding Students to Assist Bikers

Winning Prototype by Welding Students to Assist Bikers

A team of students from welding technology programme at Keningau Vocational College won a gold medal at the Virtual Expo of Innovation Product and System Design (VIDE) for a project that they built to help bikers switch the tyres of their motorcycles or bicycles. The event was virtually hosted by Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UNIMAP) on 8 December 2020. The team was led by Steven Lo Chau Long, who is already an alumnus, and he was assisted by two third-year students, Danny Islafh Abdullah and Clif Austin Daniel. Their presentation video can be accessed through this link:

The innovation named “Off the Wheel” is a mechanical frame made of metal pipes and scraps where a wheel can be placed and fixed on top of it and a metal stick is used to ease the loosening of the tyre from the rim. It can also be used to install tyres on rims. The idea was conceived by Steven Lo who found taking off tyres difficult and he decided to turn the concept into his final year project in the effort to help bikers remove and install their tyres in a more convenient and safer manner. Mr. Johari Sabin, the director of the college, lauded the effort made by the team to develop and pitch the prototype at an online innovation contest. He claims that the college always encourages its students to be problem-solvers who can contribute to the community.

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