Students of Business Management Advocate Youth Entrepreneurship

Students of Business Management Advocate Youth Entrepreneurship

Three students from Business Management programme of Keningau Vocational College took part at an elevator pitch contest held in Keningau in October 2020 by Sabah Techpreneur Association (SATA). Avela Justin, Ezra Mijin and Marcella Jeffry virtually pitched their business proposals at Pitchborneo 2020, a grant competition for aspiring entrepreneurs, on 26 – 31 October 2020. Although they did not win the grants, these three ladies are still planning to pursue their ideas as they aspire to be full-fledged entrepreneurs upon graduation. During the competition, they respectively pitched their own proposals on selling different variants of traditional food.

These three students expressed their strong approval for college students to venture into entrepreneurship so they can become independent and creative graduates who can establish their own start-ups after completing their education. They believed that the current pandemic further proved how essential it is for the younger generation to seize any opportunity in making profits through business. They were glad that they could combine their experience from doing business with the practical aspects of their education at the college. All three of them have been actively involved in selling beauty and healthcare products while juggling their duties as students at Keningau Vocational College. These three ladies were the leading members of their college student council in which Avela is the current president. Prior to the pandemic, they frequently represented the college in sports tournaments mainly softball and rugby.

Mr. Johari @ Jaibet Bin Sabin, the director of the college, lauded the determination shown by these students in their pursuit of establishing their own enterprises. He stated that the business management programme at the college trains the students to develop the fundamental skills that they require to adapt to the ever-changing business industries.

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